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ATLANTIC - Black Waterfall Foam Fill & Adhesive

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Part Number:AWG-WF1

Atlantic Waterfall & Landscaping Foam

Black Triple expanding FOAM for use when sealing and stacking water fall rocks and pond edging rocks. Fills the spaces behind and between rocks and liner so as to prevent water from 'disappearing' into your stacked rocks. Instead water is forced OVER your rockery ensuring that all of your pumped water remains visible.
Best when used with 'moist' and 'clean' surfaces. When used correctly this product will adhere rocks to each other and to liner. Discourages rodents by filling in spaces where they might set up camp. Holds stream-way rocks in place and can be easily trimmed once cured using a dull knife or simply breaking away any foam over-expansions and covering with gravel.

Fills Gaps, Cracks & Holes / Not intended for use in permanent sun exposure as it will eventually dis-color / instead use behind the scenes to fill and adhere. Also works on stone-wall and block-wall projects as long as its used on clean lightly moist surfaces and used only from behind to stop product from shifting.


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