Japanese Garden Juniper in 10' Ceramic Pot (with Figurine) - Temperate
Japanese Garden Juniper in 10' Ceramic Pot (with Figurine) - Temperate

Japanese Garden Juniper in 10" Ceramic Pot (with Figurine) - Temperate

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Japanese Garden Juniper in 10" Ceramic Pot (with Figurine)
Part Number: TFGJ-03
Dwarf Japanese Garden Juniper in a 10" Ceramic Pot with Figurine. (Tree Shape, Pot Color/Style and figure choice will vary.)

A Temperate to Sub-Tropical Tree with small needled foliage. Pruning stimulates re-growth so prune this tree regularly between the needles only to keep it 'in-production' and forming a dense canopy. Temperate plants require a cool location in the sun during winter or at least a cool space at night during winter. This can be achieved in a greenhouse in some locations, in a cold-house partially dug into the ground or even in the refrigerator at night if the plant is small enough. The object is to get the tree down to as low a temperature as possible without freezing & cracking the pottery.

 Junipers are not highly susceptible to insects however should some attack Systemic House-Plant Insect Control is a useful product as a preventative. Add it to the soil topically once per month and it will wash through each time you water, being absorbed into the plant via the root system which then renders the plant poisonous to insects. Another less poisonous product would be any of the spray-on 'Garden Safe' RTU products we offer which contain no human or pet toxins.

All Bonsai Thrive while being kept outside during the favorable weather months in each year. Insects will leave your tree for more tasty offerings while the natural sun will nurture the tree for maximum branching. PRUNE, PRUNE, PRUNE during the growing months. This will slowly reduce the size of the new needles over time.

*Note- While we will endeavor to ship a Bonsai tree as similar to the one pictured as possible in a timely manor, we must insist that no 2 Bonsai are identical and the choice we send can only attempt to represent a Dwarf Japanese Garden Juniper in 10" Ceramic Pot (with Figurine). For a more precise Bonsai Ordering Experience please call 1-800-4-BONSAI during our current posted business hours as listed on GOOGLE or contact us at [email protected].

Some orders may take 2 - 4 weeks for fulfillment depending on the complexity of the special order.

Temperate Trees will SHIP - Year Round


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