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PONDMASTER - Disappearing / Pondless Waterfall Fountain Basin

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Northland Gardens On-Line

PONDMASTER - Disappearing Fountain Basin is used completely buried, half buried or not buried at all. A square and tapering basin for use with statuary or other fountain applications where recirculating water is required. Includes Basin, heavy duty grate with fine weave mesh and central under-support. Out-going water may be configured to run up through the grate via tubing or a bulk-head may be added to one of the side panels and tubing will then connect to that.

Works perfectly to create a disappearing waterfall or 'Pondless' waterfall. This effect dramatically reduces maintenance as the water supply basin is hidden from the sun which greatly reduces algae growth. Also plays friendly with Patio wall pavers to create wall-section fountains that either re-circulate as is or it may even be configured to spill back into a swimming pool.


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