SUMMIT - Mosquito & Gnat Barrier
SUMMIT - Mosquito & Gnat Barrier

SUMMIT - Mosquito & Gnat Barrier

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Mosquito & Gnat Barrier
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Summit® Mosquito & Gnat Barrier
32oz Ready to Spray

Warning : Do NOT spray near areas where water contains fish or other aquatic life. Avoid spraying on areas that might wash during rain into ponds, brooks or other bodies of water that contain life. Harmful if not deadly to all aquatic life.

A very effective treatment, packed in a convenient pre-calibrated hose-end sprayer makes it possible to enjoy your backyard without the annoyance of insect pests. Mosquito & Gnat Barrier contains *permethrin, a residual insecticide that provides up to four weeks of repellency for a wide variety of insect pests including mosquitoes, ants, fleas, ticks and more. Spraying your backyard can help to reduce suitable mosquito resting areas (usually vertical vegetation), and therefore reduce your chances of being bitten. Spraying down wooded areas that your dog frequents can aid in reducing the risk of tick born illness for your pet and family.

*Permethrin is a non-toxic to moderately toxic pesticide. Short-term side effects in sensitive individuals include eye, skin, nose, and throat irritation, and may include breathing problems.


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