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LAGUNA - Floating Pond Plant Basket (Small)

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LAGUNA - Floating Pond Plant Basket (Small) is a Styro-Foam Ring with a Cinch-String Polyester Sack which envelopes the ring then hangs down through the ring forming a planting space. Additional Styro-Foam may be used in the bottom of the sack before planting so as to increase the buoyancy of the finished planting. API Aquatic Planting Medium, crushed Lava or rinsed Espoma Soil Perfecter may be used to plant Marginal or Bog Pond Plants within the ring. Use API Aquatic Plant Fertilizer Tabs under the plants while potting-up. For an artistic touch pin some stream-side mosses to the exposed portions of the ring & add a final layer of small gravel or sea shells around the plants.


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