SUMMIT - Flea & Tick Spray Qt.
SUMMIT - Flea & Tick Spray Qt.

SUMMIT - Flea & Tick Spray Qt.

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SUMMIT - Flea & Tick Spray
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Summit® Tick & Flea Spray

- Ready-to-Spray - Hose-End Sprayer - Treats up to 5,000sq ft

Kills and repels ticks and fleas, outside around the home, ranch or farm. Also kills ants, crickets, earwigs and many other common outdoor insect pests. Provides quick knock down of tick populations. Contains permethrin, recognized as a superior acaricide (tick killing chemical). Apply to trees, shrubs, ivy, grasses, brushy areas and any area that might harbor ticks. Spray yard perimeter, shady perennial beds, along trails or paths in or near wooded areas. Kills ticks fast and continues killing and repelling for up to four weeks. Harmless to garden plants. For maximum control, spray when ticks are in nymph stage.

Warning : Do NOT spray near areas where water contains fish or other aquatic life. Avoid spraying on areas that might wash during rain into ponds, brooks or other bodies of water that contain life. Harmful if not deadly to all aquatic life.

*Permethrin is a non-toxic to moderately toxic pesticide. Short-term side effects in sensitive individuals include eye, skin, nose, and throat irritation, and may include breathing problems.


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