MICHAEL CARR DESIGNS - Faux Rock Planter (Tall)
MICHAEL CARR DESIGNS - Faux Rock Planter (Tall)

MICHAEL CARR DESIGNS - Faux Rock Planter (Tall)

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MICHAEL CARR DESIGNS - Faux Rock Planter - 29174
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MICHAEL CARR DESIGNS - Faux Rock Planter (NO Drainage Hole)
Michael Carr Designs® Liconfiber™ Stone Pot
Dark Brown - 10in Pot with Drainage Hole - 9.84in L x 7.3in W x 5in H
Liconfiber is a cement-based composite material reinforced with an alkaline resistant fiberglass netting. The special low-alkalinity cement is an ideal material used in the construction of bridges and expressways. Instead of the randomly dispersed alkali resistant fibers used in the cement the only product tested earlier in the market, the use of fiberglass nets as reinforcemtn has made such a lightweight product while having a storng structure like a steel reinforced concrete wall. Comparing Liconfiber with the traditional fiberclay products, Liconfiber is lighter and stronger. It is not apt to deform or break so easily as ceramic or fiberclay products and it is possible to use many color options as well. Liconfiber is not only structurally rigid, but also chemically stable. It is frost-resistant down to -20 degrees Celcius and UV resistant as tested by the world's leading inspection, verificiation, testing and certification company; SGS. It has also passed the SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern) screening test performed by the SGS, assuring end-users that it is harmless to humans.